Our Mission

The mission of Stop N-Justice is to ensure equal political, educational, social, and economic rights of all people.

Our Objectives:

  • To ensure there is political, educational, social, and economic equality.
  • To eliminate race prejudice.
  • To inform the public of the effects of racial discrimination.
  • To inform the public of injustices going on through the United States
  • To help the wrongly incarcerated get new trails or freedom.
  • To help those with unfair sentences get fairer sentences.
  • To educate people on their constitutional rights and to take action to secure them.
  • To help combat homelessness.
  • To help provide educational assistance to those in need.

Meet the Team

Please take a moment to meet the people behind Stop N-Justice!


Rahel Bahta-Lee

Founder & Director

Rahel was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but her family is from Ethiopia. At the age of four, Rahel fell in love with law. From an early age she knew she wanted to not only be an attorney, but wanted to help all people and do her part to rid the world of injustices. With that in mind, Rahel decided after working for so many other people, it was time to start her own non-profit, Stop N-Justice!


DeMario Lee

Social Outreach Coordinator

A photographer and videographer by trade and natural marketer,  Mario brings his knowledge of the media arts and presentation skills to help as our Social Outreach Coordinator. Mario has a hand in some of everything at Stop N-Justice from helping with volunteers, to handling some of our marketing and social media posts.  And it doesn't hurt that the Decatur native's personal beliefs aligned perfectly with the Organization's mission.


Kenneth Goethe


Originally from Ridgeland, South Carolina, Kenneth moved to Atlanta to pursue his Bachelors from Morehouse College, and never left! With a background in nonprofit accounting, Kenneth joined the team to help keep all Stop N-Justices finances together.